Frequently Asked Questions

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You can download the app from the 'Playstore' for Android phones. On the Web Browser, the link: lets you play without any download or installation.


You can log in by creating an account with JioGamesCloud by using your mobile number. An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number for account creation and verification. You can log out of the application by navigating to the Settings section where Log-Out is listed.
You can sign up by using your Mobile Number. An OTP will be sent to your mobile number for registering your account with us. To play the games, you would need to buy the subscription.
No code is needed to sign up for JioGamesCloud.
One User > One Account > One Subscription.

Game Catalogue

We offer a diverse list of games under various genres. We keep on enriching our library of games from time to time.


We would like to gather more details on this. Could you please report this by writing to us at with all the details (Time of session crash, Game Title, Device/Platform, Mode of Playing - Bluetooth Controller or On-Screen Controller or Keyboard or Mouse)
We would like you to conduct a few checks at your end. Could you please perform the following:
  1. Could you please perform a speed check?
  2. Could you please check if your internet is connected to '5Ghz-Wifi' or to a 'LAN' network?
  3. Could you please conduct a 'Ping' test?
Could you please share the above details by writing to us at
It might be a hardware issue. If there is any physical damage to the hardware, kindly contact the Technical IT assistance team of your device. In case there is no hardware problem, kindly write to us at Also, check for internet connectivity to ensure there is a stable connection. We recommend a 5Ghz connection for a better game-play experience.
On 'Set-Top-Box' - Yes! On Android - An 'On-Screen controller' is available to play. However, a Bluetooth Controller can be connected to the Android device for playing the games. While playing on the Web on a desktop/laptop - 'A Keyboard along with a Mouse' is recommended for the best gaming experience.


JioGamesCloud is a gaming platform where anyone with any smartphone or a Set-Top Box connection or a standard laptop/desktop can play high-end games in higher resolutions without any hassle. Games are available to play instantly without the need for any downloads, installations, or updates/upgrades.

JioGamesCloud has games of all genres (From AAA Titles to Casual, Hyper-Casual). You can check the list of games on 'Games' section of this website.
  • To access the content on JioGamesCloud, you must create an account using your mobile number.
  • To play on a the computer, You need to have a Keyboard and a Mouse (USB/Bluetooth) to play on the Progressive Web Application of JioGamesCloud.
  • To play on your Android Phone, you need to install JioGamesCloud from the Playstore. You can use the On-Screen controller to play the games. You can also use a Bluetooth Controller to connect it with your Android Phone to play the games.
  • To play on your Television, you just need to search the JioGamesCloud app on your STB, and you would need a gaming controller (Bluetooth or Wired) connected to your Set-Top-Box to have an immersive experience.
To gain complete access to the rich library of games on JioGamesCloud, you would need to subscribe to a plan offered. The introductory offer of JioGamesCloud currently proides 30 days of free trial.
In case of any issues related to the platform, kindly reach out to us at
Yes, it is recommended to have a 5Ghz Wifi connection or a LAN connection for smooth gameplay.


You would require an Android smartphone or a desktop/laptop with a stable internet connection.
There is no specific hardware requirement. Any Android smartphone/laptop/desktop would launch JioGamesCloud successfully. No high-end configuration devices are needed.
Android Devices ranging from 'Android 5.0' to the latest 'Android 12.0' support the JioGamesCloud app. We recommend 'Google Chrome' for the best gaming experience on PWA
No, you don't need to download/install any game. Plug into our app and Play!
Yes, you would need a Game-Controller for an immersive gaming experience if you are trying to play the games on Set-Top-Box.
  • On PWA - the Mouse and the Keyboard are the best compatible devices for an optimum experience.
  • On Android - We provide an Onscreen Controller for playing the games. However, you can connect a Bluetooth Controller to your Android device if you wish to.
All compatible devices with any standard configuration support JioGamesCloud. JioGamesCloud is accessible on any web- browser and on Android smartphones and Set-Top-Boxes.
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